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2022/07/05 Old stock Rankiku #1 Smoothing Plane (Kanna) by Chiyotsuru Sadahide 2nd generation 掘出し物 二代目千代鶴貞秀 仕上げ鉋 乱菊 70mm,78mm

2022/07/05 Mixed set for beginner Bench chisels set by unknown smith バラ鑿合わせ 初心者におすすめ 追入組鑿 作者不明 Oirenomi

2022/07/04 Old stock Hidemasa Bench chisels set with Dragon carving 掘出し物 秀正 追入組鑿 黒檀柄 Oirenomi

2022/07/03 Ohira #4 Uchikumori Suita Toishi From collection Japanese Natural finishing Stones 蔵出し 天然仕上げ砥石 大平山 内曇砥

2022/07/02 Old stock Hidemasa Paring chisels set 掘出し物 秀正 紫檀柄 薄鑿6本組 Usunomi

2022/07/01 Kouetsu Spokeshave Plane by Komori 侊悦 小森作 南京鉋 青紙鋼 30,36mm

2022/07/01 Kouetsu Compass Plane with blue steel by Komori 侊悦 反鉋 小森作 30,42mm

2022/07/01 Chisel and Tool Leather Roll Bag For Timber chisels 鑿巻き 厚鑿用 革製 large size

202/207/01 Japanese Hand made Kitchen Scissors by TORIBE 鳥部製作所 料理鋏

2022/07/01 Restock!Sukekura Dovetail chisels set with White steel 助倉 鎬追入組鑿 白紙鋼 Shinoginomi Umekinomi

2022/06/30 Ready to use!! Old stock Smoothing Plane (Kanna) 初心者におすすめ 直ぐ使い 仕上げ鉋

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Kurashige's works

Metate 「目立て」

"I have used these tools to do Metate for 50 years."

 倉重栄助「Eisuke Kurashige 」