YAMASUKE KurashigeTools

Usuikengo Large Plane(Kanna) From the collection of Kurashige san 蔵出し 碓氷健吾作 大鉋 165mm

· Blade info
Craftsman/職人: Usui Kengo ・碓氷健吾氏
Place/地域: Echigo Yoita・越後与板打刃物
Steel/鋼: Unknown・不明
Jigane/地金: Wrought iron(Kamaji)・釜地
Blade width/刃幅: 165mm
Blade length/刃長: 113mm
Blade angle/刃角: about 28°
Box/箱:With wooden box・桐箱付
Production time/製造時間:  1995

· Notice
Because it has been put in the storehouse for a long time, there will be some imperfections in the products.Please confirm the photos carefully before shopping. 

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