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Landscape Gardening in Japan 図解 庭造法

¥1,650 JPY

The long-awaited reprint of the Japanese garden guide "Illustrated Garden Method" written by Meiji Western-style painter Kinkichiro Honda with abundant drawings! !! The original was first published in 1897 and attracted attention as the first book to scientifically introduce the ancient Japanese gardening method.

This book contains abundantly more vivid illustrations that were colored when the revised edition was published in 1890, and also includes explanations and 7 illustrations that were added as an appendix at the time of revision. In addition, the commentary is a clear modern translation with annotations, with an English commentary by Josiah Conder, who is famous as the architect of Rokumeikan.

明治の洋画家、本多錦吉郎が豊富な図とともに著した日本庭園の手引書「図解 庭造法」待望の復刻!! 原本は明治23年に初版発行され、日本古来の造庭法を初めて科学的に研究紹介した著書として注目を集めました。



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