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Kanetake Paring chisels by Takahashi Norikazu 高橋典三作 カネ武 薄鑿 12,15,18,30,24,36mm Usunomi

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Craftsman/職人: Takahashi Norikazu ・高橋典三作
Place/地域: Banshu  Miki・播州三木打刃物
Steel/鋼: White No.2・白紙二号
Jigane/地金: Modern soft iron極軟鉄
Full length/全長: about 340mm
Blade angle/刃角: about 24°
Type of URA/裏の種類: Black Normal・黒裏& 単数裏
Type of woodhandle/木柄の種類: Japanese white  oak・白樫


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Ryan Howard
Great Chisel

Super sharp paring chisel...however...once lapped flat there was little of the actual laminate white steel left, maybe 1mm at most which was disappointing. Also, the tip/cutting edge was quite a bit crooked to the head which then skewed the chisel a bit--not a big deal as I won't be using it for perfectly straight paring cuts. Its extremely sharp and cuts through end grain sugar maple and zebra wood like butter. Extremely easy to sharpen as well. You won't find a better paring chisel state side(USA); it outperforms my blue spruce A2 paring chisel and is a zillion times easier to sharpen.

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