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Brand new Tenun Tsuchime Finish Square Daruma Hammers 天雲作 四角 ダルマ玄翁 槌目

¥10,800 JPY
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Place/地域: Echigo Sanjo・越後三条打
Type/種類:  All steel ・全鋼
Type of  finish/仕上げ種類:   Tsuchime Finish・槌目仕上
Woodhandle/木柄: Without・柄なし

750g「about 82mm*40mm*38mm」 
675g「about 79mm*38mm*36mm」 
460g「about 63mm*34mm*32mm」
375g「about 60mm*33mm*30mm」
300g「about 57mm*30mm*28mm」

Because it is handmade. There are slight differences between the actual product and the photos.


1 piece in stock.

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