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Bamboo Basket Weaving Technique: From the type and history of bamboo to make bamboo hinds, and weaving baskets. 竹かご編みの技法書: 竹の種類や歴史から、竹ひご作り、かごの編み方までを網羅

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The language of this book is all Japanese.


We introduce the weaving methods commonly used in bamboo baskets based on the work process of popular writers.
You can not only see the major techniques (weaving) together but also find how to make a stylish bamboo basket that fits your current life. Take a look at the world of "bamboo cage making" that is different from bamboo working.
The contents include the basic knowledge of materials making, bamboo higo-making, and the basic knowledge of knitting methods, as well as the classic quat-eyed, six-braid, webbed braid, matt knit, chrysanthemum knit, eight-eye knit, and it can be used as a derived and used as a diamond four-way braid, hemp leafing, Aokai knitting, 2-ply knitting. It can be knitted, crushed The bottom of the book is carefully introduced to the actual procedures, so it is a hands-on book that can be made while looking at a book.


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