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Tenhiro Small Rabbet Planes by Seikichi Sekikawa with blue steel 関川誠吉 小際鉋 天弘 青紙一号鋼

¥16,000 JPY
· Blade info
Craftsman/職人: Seikichi Sekikawa · 関川诚吉
Place/地域: Echigo Yoita・越後与板打刃物
Steel/鋼: Blue Paper No.1・青紙一号
Jigane/地金: Wrought iron(Kamaji)・釜地
Blade width/刃幅: 42mm/36mm/30mm
Blade angle/刃角: about 27 °
Chipbreaker width /裏金幅: 36mm/32mm/26mm
Blade length/刃長: 85mm/75mm/68mm
Chipbreaker angle/ 裏金刃角:  about 25°
Chipbreaker type/裏金種類: Laminated・鋼付き
Chipbreaker maker/共裏: Same blacksmith・共裏
Box/箱:Without box・なし

· Body info
Type of wood/木の種類: Japanese white oak・白樫
Type of body/台の種類: Normal・普通口
Size/サイズ: 198mm*60mm*25mm「42mm」
Bedding angle /仕込み勾配: about 38°

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Customer Reviews

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Gabriel BAUDE
Form and function pushed to their quintessence

Owning a hand-forged Seikichi Sekikawa tool gives you a taste of what happens when craftsmanship gets so involved in its craft that it naturally blurs the lines between function and artistry. Don't be fooled by the apparent simplicity of this rabbet plane; behind its minimal appearance hides incredible precision and sharpness!

Big thanks to the KurashigeTools shop for making it available worldwide <3

Roland Teruya
Smooth shavings and clean corners

This was my first kiwakanna so it took a bit of learning how to tune, but once everything was tuned, the shavings were thin, corners were clean, and finish was smooth on the softwood (red cedar) that I use. Happy with the blade quality quality and shipping was fast.

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