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Hyakunenkizami Smoothing Plane(Kanna) by Seisuke Mizuno 水野清介作 百年刻穴 仕上げ鉋 70mm 65mm

¥44,500 JPY
· Blade info
Craftsman/職人: Seisuke Mizuno ・水野清介
Place/地域: Echigo Yoita・越後与板打刃物
Steel/鋼: Blue steel No.1 青紙1号鋼
Jigane/地金: Wrought iron(Kamaji)・釜地
Blade width/刃幅: 70mm/65mm
Blade length/刃長: 115mm
Blade angle/刃角: about 28°
Chipbreaker width /裏金幅: 63mm/58mm
Chipbreaker angle/ 裏金刃角:  about 23°
Chipbreaker type/裏金種類: Laminated・鋼付き
Chipbreaker maker/共裏: Different blacksmith・共裏ではない
Box/箱:With box・桐箱付
· Body info
Type of wood/木の種類: Japanese white oak・白樫
Type of body/台の種類: Tsutsumi・包み口
288mm*88mm*35mm 「70mm」
288mm*83mm*35mm 「65mm」
Bedding angle /仕込み勾配: about 38°
Because it is handmade. Every plane is different.
 About the hole in the blade
The raw material of the soft iron part of the blade comes from the iron bridge.This hole was left by dismantling the rivet from the iron bridge.

· Notice
※ Because it is handmade. There are differences between the actual product and the photos.
※ Price increase on July 1, 2022.


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