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#11 Nagakatsu Noko Japanese Cross cut Dozuki Saw for Hard Wood 長勝鋸 胴付き鋸 横挽 広葉材用 240mm

· Info
Blade length/刃渡:   245mm
Depth of Cut/最大切断巾:  about 60mm
Full length/全長: about 620mm 
Steel/鋼: White steel ・白紙鋼
Type/種類:  For Hard Wood ・広葉材用
Blade thickness / 厚み:  about 0.20mm
Wood handle/木柄: With・柄付
・The eddy(rattan)handles  made by our president.
・Ready to use!!  直ぐ使い
・The setting and sharpening of teeth are done by Nagakatsu.

· Notice
Because it has been put in the storehouse for a long time,there will be some imperfections in the products.Please confirm the photos carefully before shopping. 

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