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Knife and whetstone. The definitive version of the knife and whetstone are comprised 包丁と砥石大全: 包丁と砥石の種類、研ぎの実践を網羅した決定版!of the types of knives and sharpening



The language of this book is all Japanese.

 Introduces the types of knives and how to sharpen. We also introduce deep about the sharpening tools and whetstones.

In particular, the whetstone references the charm of natural whetstone, and it also touches the relationship between a knife and a natural whetstone.
The knives are made using ancient Japanese manufacturing methods to introduce Sakai blade smiths. We introduce the manufacturing process.
The whetstone is a natural whetstone mined in Kyoto. We also introduce microscope photos of sharpening and sharpening using natural whetstones.

Knife Type as shown in the picture
Japanese knives, western knives, Chinese knives.
Knives Basics Lessons
Basic Knives and Knives of Choosing Knives
Sakai Knife Blacksmith!
Learn what types of whetstones to use a cutting knife
Regarding the name of the natural whetstone and whetstone in Japan, whetstone selection:
Kyoto Natural Whetstone Charm
Nihon Kenji Cultural Promotion Association
About the charm of natural whetstone
Wakanada Murayama whetstone, knife and whetstone used by leading chefs
From the basics of sharpening knives to the ultimate
The basic and theory of sharpening knives, sharpen the Santoku knife, sharpen the Yanagiba knife, sharpen the deba knives, tips for sharpening thin knives, maintenance and storing knives, and storing knives that are not normally used.
History and geological formation of the grind