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Fukuwarai Hanjo High quality Smoothing Plane(Kanna) Old stock 掘出し物 福笑繁昌 仕上げ鉋 70mm

· Blade info
Craftsman/職人: Yamada Sesaku ・山田清作
Place/地域: Yoita Machi・与板町
Steel/鋼: Unknown・ 不明
Jigane/地金: Wrought iron(Kamaji)・釜地
Blade width/刃幅: 72mm
Blade length/刃長: 116mm
Blade angle/刃角: about 21 °
Chipbreaker width /裏金幅: 62mm
Chipbreaker angle/ 裏金刃角:  about 24°
Chipbreaker type/裏金種類: Laminated・鋼付き
Chipbreaker maker/共裏: Different blacksmith・共裏ではない

· Body info
Type of wood/木の種類: Japanese white oak・白樫
Type of body/台の種類: Tsutsumi ・包み口
Size/サイズ: 287mm*86mm*35mm 
Bedding angle /仕込み勾配: about 38°

· Notice
Because it has been put in the storehouse for a long time,there will be some imperfections in the products.Please confirm the photos carefully before shopping. 
· Fukuwarai 福笑い
Fukuwarai (福笑い), or in English, Lucky Laugh, is a Japanese children's game popular at the Lunar New Year. Players are led to a table which has a paper drawing of a human face with no features depicted, and cutouts of several facial features (such as the eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth). While blindfolded, the players attempt to place the features onto the face in the correct positions.

Customer Reviews / 商品レビュー

Customer Reviews / 商品レビュー